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Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a free game that came out in 2013 and has become the favorite game among the people of all ages all over the world. Funny simulator that shows the complexity of a heart operation and at the same time contains training material about the human body. The game recreates the difficult task of the operation life for a life rescue. Really worthy a simulator that without any doubt deserves our attention. At last there came the day when we can safely operate without any human consequences both for us and for the patients, all thanks to the Surgeon Simulator 2013. Here you play in the role of a surgeon Nigel Burke. The catch is that Nigel has no medical education. There is only you, a rich arsenal of surgical instruments and patient Bob. You need to perform extremely complex operations on a variety of parts of a human body, as quickly as possible with minimal blood loss. You will inevitably make awful mess in your first attempts of the game as you cut a poor patient into pieces. Try to operate properly and correctly, to pass each of the proposed levels. Playing the latest Surgeon Simulator 2013 you get a lot more content and additional bonuses. Creators of the game added a lot of new possibilities into version released in 2013. The main innovations are: Six alien transplants; Six bodies; the real heart and kidney transplants; Two new types of operations: Give Bob a dazzling smile with dental implants and eagle eye with newly transplanted eyes; Over 50 unlockable achievements; Record and upload your unsuccessful operations anywhere additionally to many other innovations that will surprise you. At the end of the operation you will get a verdict on how the operation went, how much blood is left and will be informed of the operation overall assessment. Real simulator will show you what kind of professional surgeons should really be, or on the contrary what they shouldn`t do. Play this wonderful game and check your abilities. Includes a multiplayer mode. Show your friends who’s boss. It’s time to save a few lives.

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